New Idea Book and Catalog

In case you have not seen the new SU 2011-2012 IBC: Idea Book and Catalog  It is full of beautiful designs and lots of new products including stamps, paper, new in color cardstock, embellishments, cool tools, decor elements and more.  If you want to have a hard copy of the IBC it sells for $9.95 but can be yours with a $100 purchase. Contact me if you are interested in placing an order.

The hostess benefits have changed so check out page 9 for all the new and exciting details.

The 3sisters have gone thru the IBC and made their wish list.  Here are our top stamp sets:

My top must have  new stamp sets from the catalog that I have not already pre-ordered  are:  It’s a wrap Occasions(Clear) pg 59 #123590  $19.95 Sweets for the Sweet pg 65  *122512 $18.85, Button Buddies Clear pg 71, #122737 and My friend pg 139, #122587 $19.95

Cammie’s top stamp sets from the IBC are:  Season of Friendship pg 102, #111776 $23.95.  This is an oldy but goody but a true must have item.  Cammie is going for all the big Background stamps (wood mount only) starting on page#149 to include Sunflower #123606 $17.95, Tool Shed pg 151 #123688 $17.95, Hello Doily pg 150 #122845 $17.95 and Good Grid pg 152 #122630.  Funny I thought Cammie was going away from wood!

And our baby sister, Blair, (wannabe stamper but has no time) wants: Many Mustaches pg 18 #122917 $9.95, SWAK pg 20 #120861 $5.95, Kidoodles pg 58, #122867 $16.95 Under the Big Top (clear) pg 63, #122877 $18.95 and the coordinating Up Up and away (clear) pg 63, #122757 $18.95.

Take some time to enjoy the IBC and leave a comment on what your favorite stamp sets are.

Keep on Stampin!

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