Pennant Pinwheel

This card was created because one of my favorite customers (who shall remain nameless) wanted to learn how to create a pinwheel from paper. She was happy as can be to learn how easy peasy it is to create a pinwheel from two sided paper.  I hope she takes my challenge and makes pinwheels in all sizes. How simple is this card?  Go ahead and start making pinwheels you’ll be glad you did.  Send me your pinwheel creations and I’ll post them.  More pennants tomorrow.

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One response to “Pennant Pinwheel

  1. Yvonne

    First, let me say LOVE … LOVE … LOVE the new heading. Very cute! I usually get my updates on my phone and I don’t see the whole website. Went here after Cammie told me you had CHANGED THINGS UP! Good job!

    Also wanted to let you know that I have my camera synced with my computer again. Just had to reload the software. So, I was able to upload from the camera, and then delete, so that my camera wasn’t full! Should be getting everything as jpegs from here on out. I know you and Cammie have been jumping through hoops to get my pictures on the blog. Will strive to make your life, as the Blog Queen Bee, a little easier.

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