Happy Birthday Sherry

No Halloween swaps today because we want to wish a dear friend and blog follower, Sherry Rider, a happy birthday. Cammie and I both made her cards and the only requirement was to use Sherry’s favorite color – Red in the design.  I loved how my card turned out and I thought it was Shelli Gardner (Stampin UP CEO and Cofounder) worthy too so I used it for Shelli’s birthday too.

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3 responses to “Happy Birthday Sherry

  1. cammie

    Hey Sista love your card and yes it is Shelie worthy.

  2. Sherry

    Thank you so much for featuring me on your blog and for the shout out for my birthday. Thanks again for the beautiful b-day cards! Just looking at them makes me smile!

  3. I saw Cammie’s d’day card for Sherrie in the making and thought, WOW! And your’s Cathy, is another “WOW!” card…someday hope to meet you Sherry. These girls have a bunch of nice things to say about you and your love for stampin’. Happy Belated Birthday, Stampin’ Sista!

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