MDS2_I want my Mummy

Today our mom would have been 80 years old and I must say that we still miss her dearly.  Today’s card is one I made using the all new and I must say fabulous MDS2 (My Digital Studio)software.  I have been an MDS user from the beginning but Stampin Up revamped the software and made over 75 enhancements to the original software and it is awesome.  The full MSD 2+software is $79.95 and has over $500 worth of digital content.  The full software is available via disc #130647 or via download #130646.  The MDS 2 software (without the $500 worth of digital content) is available for $39.95 (disc: #130645 or download:#130644).  If you already own MDS you can upgrade for $19.95). Finally if you want to try MDS2 for free contact me at for details.  Every Tuesday Stampin Up releases their new downloads available for purchase. Finally if that is not enough, Stampin Up has drastically reduced the cost of their printing services too so seriously there is no better time than now to go digital.

Today’s card is the quickest card I have ever made- handsdown! I used the card template and added the mummy from Spooky Bingo Bits #127616 digital download added a cherry cobbler punched heart and added the text.  With the digital stamped images you are not limited to 1 size.  I added the mummy and then resized him to fill most of the card. Once I receive the cards from the printing service I will make it a hybrid card by adding it to a black card base and adding a piece of bling or 2.


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2 responses to “MDS2_I want my Mummy

  1. Sheri

    Happy birthday to your mom. I’m sure I would have liked her had I met her because I think an awful lot of the daughters she raised. Cute card.

  2. Sherry

    Happy Birthday Norma! Remembering you with fond memories.

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