Christmas Card Tree

2012_12_26CardTreeIMG_0684 Todays post is a display that my husband made while I was out on Christmas Eve day doing some last minute shopping.  My husband, Brad, is very artistic and made use of the blank wall and all the Christmas cards we received from friends and family this year.  It was funny when Brad had the whole tree done and then the mailman delivered 6 more cards which meant that Brad had to re-arrange and add the new cards to his photo gallery.

We sent out 158 Christmas cards and received 64 cards this year (but who’s counting).  The cards broke down as follows:

Handmade-8 will post them later


Traditional cards – 28 Of the 28 traditional cards, 4 were what I considered close to handmade

We also got a variety of Christmas newsletters nestled in with the Christmas cards

I loved my Christmas card wall tree so much that I may just start a new tradition and display the cards each year.


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3 responses to “Christmas Card Tree

  1. Sheri

    Tell Brad his tree looks fantastic. Clever idea!

  2. Sherry

    Super cute! Great idea Brad!

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