It’s just a number

2013_01_05chrisbabyIMG_0853Happy 17th  Birthday to my son, Christopher.  I love this picture of him in my favorite baby outfit.  The outfit has numbers all over it and there is a matching numbers blanket that he still covets to this day.2013_01_05Chris_BirthdayIMG_0845So I decided to make him a numbers birthday card.  While I was at it I made a female 18th version of the card for my niece.  Look no stamping just random numbers cut in black and the appropriate age highlighted in the contrast color.  Super quick and easy.  I may use the concept for my over the hill swap I am in. What do you think?



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4 responses to “It’s just a number

  1. Sheri

    What a cute baby. He didn’t weigh very much and he looks long. I guess that’s why he’s so tall today. Happy 17th, Chris! The cards look great with the bright colors on black. I say use them in the swap.

  2. Cammie

    Aunt Cam still has that pic on her frig. It too is one of m favorites.

    Love the cards. They are just my “new” style this year. LIM meaning: Less Is More.

    Here’s to Punkie on is day of birth!!!

  3. Sherry

    Love it! Great idea!

  4. baby blair

    Now that is even a card that I can make because after all I am the sister that doesn’t stamp. And since I know the niece who is going to be 18 is one of mine, I will have a sample. After all these years I continue to learn from both of my sisters.

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