Spiderman Spiderman

2013_08_31IMG_3594 (2)Spiderman! Spiderman! Do whatever a punch can!  Today’s card is a birthday card I made for my newphews 7th birthday.  Punch art is one of my very favorite things to do.  It takes time but the results are great and it helps justify purchasing the punches.  Spiderman is made mostly from various ovals, the full heart and the word window & modern label punches.  The fun part was putting all the “spidey” pieces in the Stampin Up Spider web folder (now retired) to make his outfit authentic.



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3 responses to “Spiderman Spiderman

  1. baby blair

    You 2 have made cards of several of my favorite characters Hello Kitty, SpongeBob and now Spiderman just have my all time favorite super hero left to make -Wonder Woman.

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