Ode to Shannon West

IMG_0634I was so excited when I received this card from the incredible Shannon West from Stampin Up.  Shannon is an awesome person that works in the training department and she was frustrated that Facebook and Social media is taking place of sending cards the old fashioned way .  So she decided to launch her #imbringingbirthdaysback campaign on Facebook to send a card to all her friends that wanted one. In 24 hours she got 300 responses and as of today she is over 1500 strong.  As her friends began to receive the cards they posted them on social media so that gave Shannon the idea that she needed a way to easily identify the cards that people were giving and receiving so she carved out a stamp #imbringingbirthdaysback stamp to put on all the envelopes.  IMG_0633

Stampin Up took Shannon’s stamp and now has introduced a single stamp #143573 so that everyone can join the movement to bring birthdays back—send handcrafted birthday cards to all your friends and family, and stamp the card and/or envelope with this trending hashtag to let them know they’re part of something cool!


I loved receiving the card from Shannon and I 2016_03_30IMG_0632revisehave vowed to continue sending birthday cards to my friends and family to let them know that they are special to me on their special day. My favorite part of receiving Shannon’s card was the envelope (to preserve my identity I have bleeped out the address) and seeing my name written so beautifully from someone like Shannon who does not even know me but tool the time to make me part of her campaign.  Thanks Shannon!  I will be paying it forward!



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